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Weekly D&D 5e Actual Plays

A Bard’s Tale

D&D 5th edition actual play A Bard's Tale logoDive into the continuing adventures of Struana the bagpipe-playing dwarven bard, Stan the stalwart human paladin of Moradin, and ClickClack the tinkering gnome druid and his loyal mount, the giant crab Lovelace. Watch the latest season!

A Pirate Adventure

Pirate adventures in D&D 5th editionPress-ganged into the pirate’s life, this band of swashbucklers are sailing the seas of the Shackles in search of treasure and infamy. Korim the minotaur druid and Gideon the scourge aasimar witch are joined for the first few episodes by the rogue aracockra Kee. After Kee flies into the sunset, they are joined by the monk tortle Katashi. Watch the latest season!