Welcome, Tier Zeros!

GameBreakers Media serves a community of Tier Zero gamers dedicated to embracing the art behind the science of character optimization in role-playing games. We have loads of content on deck including optimization how-tos, amusing in-play examples of GameBreakers, reviews of popular RPG systems, and community driven actual plays. We’ll also be producing GM tips on how to balance a game without limiting your players’ creativity, how to challenge Tier Zero players, and how to become a Tier Zero GM.

GameBreakers Media all starts with a core group of dedicated RPG players, with over 60 years of combined gaming experience, who have gamed with hundreds of players around the world live and online. In all those years and all those games, we ran across fellow students of GameBreakers and helped other bright sparks reach their Tier Zero potential. We’ve found talented Tier Zero GMs and learned the tricks they use to keep us challenged and intrigued. We’ve also had the chance to school . . . erm, that is, teach fledgling GMs how to use those tricks, as well as the folly of being emotionally invested in a villain’s success.

Now, through the miracle of modern technology, we have the opportunity to share that knowledge broadly to help gamers we may never even meet to foil their GM’s carefully laid plans and pepper their games with Crowning Moments of Awesome. We also have the opportunity to gather around us a community of gamers who are wily enough to create characters that makes a GM spit take her Mountain Dew, creative enough to cut some numbers without losing character focus, and mature enough to put the fun of the table first. We’ll be able to share our stories, hear theirs, and bring together new combinations of these folks into games of their own to build some truly epic stories.

Thanks in advance for helping us make this happen, and welcome to the GameBreaker community!