Only 1 PC chair left for our SR4 Actual Play!

A big thanks to Doug P. for stepping up and pledging to fill one of the PC slots we set aside for our Patreon patrons. We can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the table. You might know Doug as “Tony Bag o’ Donuts,” the mafia enforcer in the Hollywood Adventures SR4 Actual Play, which you can find on our YouTube playlist.

We’ve had some great conversations about the game’s concept and setting. Throwing back to the 2nd Edition book Shadowbeat, we’re using the Shadowrun 4th Edition system to build ourselves a rockband! In Aztlan! That’s right, the stakes will be high as we raise a microphone to The Man in one of the 6th World’s most hostile territories. What could possibly go wrong?

Sound like fun? Want to play? It’s not too late! We’ve got 1 chair left at the table available to our patrons who pledge $50 per video series (not per month, you only pay when we produce content). There are a limited number of these spaces available. We definitely still need help filling out NPCs for Bull to use on the fly, and we’re counting on you Tier Zeros to help him out.

What do you want to ask a Legend?

As part of our run up to a full SR4 Actual Play, we’ll be interviewing our celebrity GM “Bull” Ratkovich about all things Shadowrun. Anything you want to know about the life of a Shadowrun freelancer? Want the inside scoop on what Bull has planned? Send us your questions (patrons, of course, skip to the front of the line)!

It Begins

The GameBreakers have recruited Steven “Bull” Ratkovich (you may know him from Street Legends, p. 86, or his Patreon, here) to GM our first Actual Play! We’ll be playing Shadowrun 4th Edition, and showing off what the system can do when the GameBreakers take it all the way to 11. But if anybody can handle our shenanigans, it’s Bull. There are still PC slots available for our Patrons, and we’ve put out a call to some other content houses to join in for Season 1. Without giving any spoilers, this is going to be something special and we’re looking for some Shadowrun rockstars to rise to the challenge.

We’re finalizing scripts this week for three of our five tutorial series, covering optimization tips, how to optimize without violating Wheaton’s Law, and Tier Zero GM tips. Got any tips, tricks, or topics you’d like to see included? Drop us a line!

Keep an eye out, soon we’ll be posting videos of our character creation sessions, player bios, our Session Zero and some chats with Bull about Shadowrun’s history, setting, and mechanics.

Not to tip our hand, but there might also be a podcast in the wings. Have a gaming question? Send it our way to keep the ball rolling!

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