A Bard’s Tale, Episode 3: New Island Exploration (D&D Actual Play)

Struana Hardjaw’s bardic lore has led the wounded airship to an uncharted island. After finding a coal vein from the air that could restock their fuel reserves, she lands with an expedition party and sets about exploring the island. Will the local wildlife welcome the intrusion? And what about the mysterious buildings they viewed from the air? Watch the episode to find out!

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A Bard’s Tale, Episode 2: Dire Skies (D&D Actual Play)

Struana “Featherbeard” Hardjaw’s airship ride has sustained damage, and things are becoming dire. Off course and burning through fuel reserves, the ship’s captain and crew are looking for options. Can a bard’s lore and a few clever cantrips really save the day?

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A Bard’s Tale, Episode 1: New Beginnings (D&D Actual Play)

Struana Hardjaw, the dwarven bard, takes her first steps from the Academy of Three Towers toward her rank as Journeyman. The idyllic isolation of Angelwing Island comes at a price, however. Travel is perilous in a world fraught with magic and mystery, and Struana will be tested the moment she leaves. Continue reading

An Epic (Bardic) Start — Character Creation Session for D&D Actual Play

Game Master Thomas guides Diamond through creating a character in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, set in Thomas’s old school homebrew high fantasy world. Check out the recorded character creation session in 3 parts below. Continue reading