A Bard’s Tale, Episode 12: At the Edge of Shadow (D&D Actual Play)

Weary from braving the swamps to confront Markison’s bog pirates, Struana, Stan and CliqClaq have recovered the Stone Saint’s Bone. But Markison warns them that an emissary of darkness is coming to collect the treasure. Unless they destroy the undead thing they will know no peace.

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A Bard’s Tale, Episode 11: Pirate Footwork (D&D Actual Play)

In Part 1, the party prepares a brazen raid on the pirates who orchestrated the theft of the holy relic. Something seems a little off about this band of brigands, though . . .

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A Bard’s Tale, Episode 10: A Crab and a Gnome Walk Into A Bar (D&D Actual Play)

Cliq-Claq the gnomish ranger and his giant crab Lovelace join Struana and Stan to recover their stolen relic. It’ll take all his skills and a little luck to find Markison’s bog pirates in the swamps outside the city.
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