A Bard’s Tale Episode 15: Into the Dank (D&D Actual Play)

The party has discovered that the healer Pervius was take into the sewers by goblins. After hiring a trap specialist, they mount an expedition into the city’s underworks to attempt a rescue. But deep in under the city, ¬†they discover all is not as it seems . . .

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A Bard’s Tale, Episode 14: Taint Near the Library (D&D Actual Play)

Struana, CliqClaq, and Stan navigate their way through the Great Library’s magical doors. They seek information on an ancient evil, but all knowledge has its price . . .

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A Bard’s Tale, Episode 13: Majestic About Town (D&D Actual Play)

The party explores Sartosvrehnt, the dwarven district of the Delta Confederacy. News of their deeds is spread through the town, and they are told tales of an ancient evil bent on the Confederacy’s destruction.

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