Change our (D&D) World — LIVE on Saturdays

Trapped on a tropical island prison, our band of characters wake up behind bars with a plan to pull their first heist together. Actually, “plan” might be too strong a word at this point. Their objective? Find the companion to a magical two-piece pendant and escape the islands intact. But first they have to find it, using the half of the pendant they smuggled in (not where you think).

The GameBreakers crew has their work cut out for them and you can see it live on Mixer!

We are collaborating with Fyrebug’s Mixer channel for this D&D 5th edition game. He’s a regular streamer, and this is his first dip into playing Dungeons and Dragons live (Follow Fyrehouse Gaming on Twitter!). We’ll be streaming out this D&D campaign every other Saturday so be sure to tune in!

How You Can Impact Our Game

We’re excited to be on Mixer because we want YOU to impact our game. Want to give the players a bonus to defeat the undead orc? Or do you want to give the zombie a few bonus points? You can do that!

Are things going too smoothly for the players? Are they getting too cocky? You can initiate random events and encounters to spice up the action! This is thanks to Mixer’s interaction capabilities. You create a free account and collect “sparks” just by watching the channel or by purchasing them from Mixer — then you can spend those sparks on changing the game! It’s doesn’t take much to tilt the odds …

Help us create an adventure worthy of a bard’s best treatment!

We will have our next game soon, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss it. We’ve only just started, so join the fun as we get this new team out of the island prison and into more adventure.


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