Showdown in the Serpent’s Maw: A Bard’s Tale Ep. 45 (D&D Actual Play)

In our Season 2 finale Strana Hardjaw, Stan Smith, and Click Clack have fought their nemesis to a stalemate, and now have an opening to free Duneharrow and foil the Death Knight Borannor’s plans to convert it to a Shadow Dragon and use it to destroy the Delta Confedracy. Wounded, exhausted, and deep in a foreign land, can our heroes unlock the magical trap before the war raging around them ends all hope?

Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual play — new episode every week in A Bard’s Tale series!

D&D Player Characters in the 5th Edition Actual Play

  • Struana Hardjaw — Dwarven Bard (Diamond)
  • Stan Smith — Human Paladin (Allison)
  • Cliq Claq — Gnomish Ranger (David)

Game Master: Thomas

Two of our characters tweet during recording! See live updates from Struana and Stan.

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Creative Credits

  • “A Bard’s Tale” title card art original source: TerryLH on DeviantArt
  • Opening video footage provided by :Pixbay / bellergy

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