Series Lineup

GameBreakers: This will be our flagship series, where we’ll discuss nuts and bolts of a specific game, present segments on individual aspects of GameBreaking like Team Combos and using the setting to your advantage, and share some Crowning Moments of Awesome from gaming tables around the community and break down how the rules supported the scene. GameBreakers will be a recurring series of mini-episodes, and each series focus on a different game system chosen by our supporters. Our GameBreakers pilot will be focused on one of our favorite systems: Shadowrun 4th Edition.

How to Be a GameBreaker: A Primer for new and veteran gamers on how to squeeze everything out of character building without skimping on flavor, background, and party cohesion.

An Applied Primer on Wheaton’s Law for GameBreakers: How not to be “that guy.” A look at how to use optimization to unite and enliven a table of gamers, rather than alienate and divide it.

How to GM a GameBreaker: A look at how to integrate a Tier Zero player into your game and maintain game balance and a fun table.

GMing 899; Advanced Storycraft, Improv Direction, and Conflict Resolution: After you’ve mastered the fundamentals of running a game, this video will help you with the techniques and nuance you’ll need to take your game to the next level.

Actual Plays: The entire reason we started producing GameBreakers was a love of tabletop RPG gaming. Our actual plays will include creative direction from the Tier Zero gamers in our community and feature celebrity guest GMs for each system. Our audience will get to decide the games we play, and we’ll be inviting authors, developers, and Tier Zero streamers to GM the GameBreakers. On top of giving us the opportunity to play games with luminaries in the industry, it’ll also be a practical demonstration of the skills and tricks we lay out in our other programming. Our first actual play will be in the Shadowrun 4th Edition system.