A New Ship Sets Sail! GameBreakers Launches New D&D Actual Play

Our adventurers start out as strangers who happen to come into the same Dusty Mote tavern in Port Peril. They soon band together as they find themselves press-ganged into the pirate’s life aboard the Wormwood, captained by a charismatic half-elf and a whip-cracking first mate. How do they take their first days in the Seas of the Shackles? Find out in our first episode of A Pirate Adventure D&D Actual Play!

Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition actual play — new episode every week the Pirate Adventure series!

D&D Player Characters in the 5th Edition Actual Play

  • Korrim Bolthorn — Minotaur Druid (Thomas)
  • Gideon — Scourge Aasimar Witch (David)
  • Kee — Aracockra Swashbuckler (Ced)

Game Master: Allison

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